About Tahoura Food Industry

The food industry of Taheri Ghamsar in Kashan was established in 1397 with the aim of producing rose water, essential oils, herbal distillates, spices and flavors by designing and manufacturing equipments after obtaining industry permits and the Ministry of Health and Manufacturing Licenses. The annual production of this collection is about 2,000 tons of rose water, 2,000 tons of herbal distillates and 1,000 kilograms of essential oils of various herbs.

Made from organic and 100% natural herbs

Protected from outside air and oxidation

Completely hygienic and pasteurized

No preservatives

Best Lean Rose of Kashan in Tahore Food Industry

Bouquet of flowers from the flower garden

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Everything about rosewood

Rose water is said to be extracted from the flower of Mohammadi (scientific name: Rosa × damascena) and is fragrant. Rose water is obtained by distillation of freshly-sprinkled rose-flowered